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Supreme Formula for Success
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Here is a 'how to' book with a glorious difference! Yes, we all want success, but can we manage it on our own without help from our Creator? No, says David Salako, and in calling his thirty-nine precepts 'Laws of God' he makes it clear that they come from any source we know as 'God', be it Buddha, Allah, the Supreme Being or Mother Nature. Follow these laws, apply these habits in our work and personal lives, and we will certainly be rewarded. With particular reference to the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and an interesting exposition on the 'woman at the well' in John 4, the author places himself firmly in the Christian tradition. But his own country, with its millions of young people, many of them Muslims, and knowledge acquired from around the world has taught him that monocular vision is counterproductive. His message is for everyone - for students, school leavers and graduates, those seeking work or promotion and people in positions of responsibility. It is a message of hope and love. Read his formula for success and be inspired. Follow the excellent advice contained in this book and you will find yourself on the true path to greatness.

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